Alzheimer’s Facility

Living With Alzheimer's

Choosing An Alzheimer’s Facility

Sadly, anyone with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease must go through that one moment when the search for a suitable Alzheimer’s facility becomes the overwhelming concern rather than hoping for a cure. Until that day when a method to slow down, reverse, cure, or prevent the onset of the disease is finally discovered, making our Alzheimer's-striken loved ones comfortable and properly taken cared of by professionals will be the best thing we can do for them. For this reason, no detail should be spared in selecting the best Alzheimer’s facility where they can spend their final days in rest and proper care.

So what should the primary considerations when looking for the proper Alzheimer’s facility? Take note of these options at your disposal so you can deliver the best care that your loved one deserves.

· The worst places for Alzheimer’s patients are those that are full-time retirement homes, but sadly this is where most patients get taken to after the disease has progressed to an advanced stage. Wherever possible, stay away from retirement homes because these provide nothing but basic care for general retirees without any expert knowledge or facility for handling Alzheimer’s patients. People who have all their faculties intact will do well in a retirement home but Alzheimer’s patients require more than just a place to live.

· Conversely, the best Alzheimer’s facility that should be sought after are full-time nursing homes. These facilities have 24-hour nursing support and the necessary supervision needed by patients who are slowly losing control of certain body functions as well as their thinking faculties. Most nursing homes also have trained psychologists who can provide counseling and therapy to patients to help them stay on their feet as they strive to resist and battle Alzheimer’s.

· Somewhere between retirement homes and nursing facilities are basic-assisted living homes. Where the costs of a nursing home are too great for your budget, you can look into basic-assisted care as a potential option. These cannot match the facilities in a full Alzheimer’s nursing home but with sufficient medical care, support and supervision, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is properly taken care of.

When looking for the best Alzheimer’s facility, take note of these important reminders:

1. Always visit the prospective facility, talk to the doctors and nurses, and observe. If you are not comfortable with the place, then your loved one never will be.

2. A specialized facility for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients is always the best option irrespective of the cost.

3. Smaller places are preferred because Alzheimer’s patients can easily forget directions and get lost. Smaller places make it easier for them to keep their bearings.

4. Look for signs of supervision and control. Fences are good while open areas near roads and streets are bad.

5. A properly trained staff trumps all considerations.

As mentioned, spare no details looking for the best Alzheimer’s facility. It will do you and your loved one immense good just by knowing that proper care is given where it is due. Without a proper cure, the least that you can offer is unconditional care to your loved one who is having to live with Alzheimer’s disease.