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Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious neurological disease that progresses until the disease sufferer dies. This disease is said to be the most common type of dementia. Statistics show that this disease will affect more than 2% of the world’s population by the year 2050. This disease is degenerative and the sufferer progressively relies on others for more help until they totally rely on a caregiver. This means that there is a much higher percentage of people affected by the disease, that is if you include their caregivers.

The Alzheimer’s disease association is a voluntary non-profit organization (NPO) that was formed in 1980 by a man called Jeremy Stone. The association’s main aim is to find a cure of the disease and this is coined aptly in their vision statement ‘a world without Alzheimer’s disease’.

The Alzheimer’s disease association hopes to achieve the elimination of this disease by supporting research into the causes, prevention and cure of the disease, providing care and support for those who are affected (whether directly or indirectly) and promoting brain health. This association is the biggest private funder of research into Alzheimer’s disease. The association raises funds in a number of different ways. They solicit donations from private citizens, through fundraising galas and selling gift items. However, their major fund raiser is the annual walk the Alzheimer’s disease association organizes which is aptly named ‘the memory walk’.

The different chapters of the Alzheimer’s disease association provide more direct care and support to the communities in their location. The support they provide is in terms of emotional support from their support groups, providing information and safety services. The safety services have different names such as ‘Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return’ or ‘Comfort Zone’ but the services they provide are the same. They help family members at times by doing things such as helping them locate the person they are caring for who may have wandered away and gotten lost. The Alzheimer’s disease association has more than 70 chapters in the United States alone. In addition, this association has chapters in many different parts of the world including in Africa.

The association also has a very comprehensive website that offers information and other services. The website hosts a very vibrant message board with members coming from all corners of the globe. They also have a resource library.

The Alzheimer’s disease association has a professional membership body called ISTAART (International Society to Advance Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment). Members include doctors and other scientists involved in Alzheimer’s research. The association also hosts an annual conference, whose main aim is to bring together people involved in Alzheimer’s disease research.

You can support the Alzheimer’s disease association by making donations or buying items from their gift shops. The gift items include t-shirts, posters, mugs, magnets and other keepsakes. You can also sign some of their petitions.