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Alzheimer Activities

Alzheimer patients occasionally suffer from frustration, anger, agitation and depression. These symptoms are quite bothersome to the patients, caregivers, family members and friends. However, it has been discovered that indulging in Alzheimer activities that are structured in accordance to the past interests of the patients can be effective as it reduces the level of stress as well as improving the self-esteem of the patients.

Planned routine comprising wonderful memories of the patients should be formulated. Care should be taken so as to minimize the use of skills that have been compromised. Moreover, the routine should comprise no failure activities. The idea is to boost the self-confidence and esteem of the patients and not to remind them of their shortcomings. In addition, the no failure activities should give the patients a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and accomplishment.

Alzheimer activities to engage in may be derived from the hobbies, interests and desires of the patients. Such information can be collected from the life history of the patients, their photo albums, mementoes, family members and close friends. Before planning for the activities to indulge in it is vital to consider the patients, the approach to use, where the activities will take place and the type of activities to take part in. It is also crucial to remember that Alzheimer affects the cognitive ability of individuals so they may remember all the rules even if they used to before their ailment. Therefore, expectations should not be set and the activity should only be seen as an enjoyable motivator.

In addition, the Alzheimer activities should consist of mild physical activities. This is vital as it improves the oxygen flow to the brain and thus slows down the progression of the diseases. It also helps them to relax and have an improved mood since they will deem themselves as productive and usable. Conversely, the activities should be repetitive as this will improve the cognitive ability of the patients. The repetition will eliminate anxiety and the worry of being judged as the patients will be able to handle the given task every time. In fact, repetition will help the patients to feel important again as they will be able to accomplish the objective of the task. Frustration, embarrassment and the urge to withdraw will be curbed because the patients will be looking forward for the next time they will be given the same task.

Some of the Alzheimer activities can include outdoor activities such as going for a walk either to explore the environment and old buildings, for bird watching, to collect shells along the sea-side and walking a dog; anything that is enjoyable to them as well as physically active.

The activities may also include simple games such as playing cards, solving puzzles and clay molding. Watching movies, listening to music and dancing will enlighten the patients as well as relax them. The patients can also help the care givers and family members to water plants, arrange flowers, fold laundry, do some gardening and cook. Alternatively, the patients can indulge in book or card making. They can cut out pictures from old magazines and newspapers and design a book or a greeting card of their choice. Any activity that appears to be a hobby or pastime they can have fun with.

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