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Alzheimer’s is one of the most common forms of dementia. Individuals with the illness are often left shocked at the news of their diagnosis. Most have no idea what lies next and fall into spells of depression and anger. While Alzheimer’s has no cure, joining various Alzheimer’s association groups will allow one to learn more about their illness, possible treatments and new developments in research on the illness.

Alzheimer’s association groups are resource centers which give individuals all the information that they need to know concerning the illness. This includes symptoms or stages of Alzheimer’s, effective treatments, research and studies on possible treatments as well as advice for both Alzheimer’s individuals and their families.

Alzheimer’s is known as the most common form of dementia. The illness refers to the loss of one’s memory as well as other intellectual abilities and cognitive functions to a point where it can interfere with the individual’s personal life. A good Alzheimer’s association group will provide such basic information as well as the latest, advanced information on the illness. For individuals new to the illness, the groups will provide you with information you need to understand this form of dementia.

When learning about Alzheimer’s from your Alzheimer’s association group, you will learn that though the illness resembles normal aging symptoms, it should not be confused with normal aging. However, aging is known as the greatest risk factor for the illness. As such, individuals with Alzheimer’s have symptoms which worsen over time. The group you will join will provide information as to the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s that you should take note of when monitoring the progression of the illness.

From your Alzheimer’s association group, you will learn about the seven stages of Alzheimer’s. The stages basically detail the symptoms you should watch out for especially if you are on any experimental/ clinical trial treatments. Starting from the first stage whereby no symptoms may be present to the last stage whereby cognitive function is limited, your group will have all the information you need so that the individuals and/or their family can take the necessary measures to ensure the Alzheimer’s patient is comfortable.

Your association group will also have all the information you need on treatment and care. While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, a number of treatments have been notable in slowing down the progression of the illness. Moreover, individuals with Alzheimer’s need to know on the available care options so as to choose which care would be best for them once the symptoms begin to affect their personal life.

When researching Alzheimer’s association groups, be sure to carry out your research thoroughly. Speak with your physician as to the choices available and what they recommend. Moreover, talk to your family to ensure that you have their support.

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